Good to see, nice to hold, once broken, considered – WCC #7

During an impromptu coffee break at work, Sandra and I started our frivolous conversation about the hickies on my neck.

Me: Will you stop talking about it already. You have seen it numerous time and you should have been bored by now.

Sandra: I won’t stop talking! I don’t have any, see.

Me: That’s something you got to ask your boyfriend, madam!

Sandra: Ah, I hate you. We are not together anymore, don’t you know.

Me: Oh well, you kicked him out. Whose fault is that?

Sandra: One more time you say that, am going to kick you, ass!

I made and elbow gesture and said: Oh yeah?

Sandra gestured to punch my lower abdomen and said: Try it!

Me: If you do that, the bell will ring.

Sandra: The bell will be so damaged that it won’t ring.

Me: You must marry me if you damage it.

Sandra: I am not marrying anything that is remotely damaged.

Me: Ah madam, don’t you know? Good to see, nice to hold, once broken, considered sold!

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