The homeless me – WCC #5

Most Monday I face this really annoying question from one of my colleague, “Are you coming from home?”; for which my standard reply is; “I come from home everyday”.

Apparently this colleague refers my parents home as my ‘home’ and considers my flat as some make shift camp. The question is inevitable if I return to work after a long weekend.

Him: Are you coming from home?

Me: I come from home everyday!

Him: I mean, your parents home.

Me: No, I didn’t visit my parents this weekend.

Him: Oh? What did you do these three days?

Me: I have a life of my own.

Without sensing my annoyance and sarcasm, as usual, he continued; “But what did you do these three days if you didn’t go home?”

PS: I have come across many who honestly consider only their parents home as ‘home’, I understand and respect – but please there is a species called Human Adult!

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