Breaking the Great Indian Timetable – WCC #4

He: It’s high time she gets married.

Me: Why?

Another she: Exactly! Why?

Another he: Yes, why do you think she should be married?

He: She is already 27, don’t you all think she should be married?

Another she: Excuse me, I am 28 and I don’t think marriage got anything to do with age. I have my plans for the next few years and marriage is not in it!

He: Even I didn’t want to get married, but my parents forced me – I didn’t have option. It’s not easy…

Me: Everybody has an option; you chose the easiest one!


Good to see more Indian youngsters break the Great Indian Timetable.

The Great Indian Timetable is a term one of my friend and I came up with. It is a time schedule which most Indian parents want their kids to follow – it says when one must finish school, get married, have kids, buy house, retire and so on.

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