It was a privilege to have screened Papilio Buddha at Reel Desires: Chennai International Queer Film Festival 2015 #CIQFF2015 on 25th July 2015. It was a disappointment to see a number of queer men walk out when it was announced that the film concentrates on the lives of oppressed Dalit community and how it normalises sexuality. At the same time it was heartwarming to see allies and few queer individuals stay through the film and applauded. After the film, an elderly person said “This is not a queer film festival, this is beyond that”. His words assured me that we are in the right path.

It’s where I stop the story

I lie on the bed beside my laptop – my phone, headphones and tablet scattered around. I take the laptop and rest it on my abdomen and raise my lap to support it to place it in an angle easy…


The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill 2014 victory entirely belongs to transgender individuals and activists. They have consistently lobbied with the authorities when needed and have raised their voices when they felt wronged. Another reason could be because, transgender activism is not spearheaded by upper class, upper caste, English-speaking individuals. Which is a sad truth when it comes to the representation of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) men and women. The LGB folks are represented by upper caste ‘men’ who have everything to lead a life irrespective of the legal and social stand. And unfortunately this has toned down the LGB demands to 377 and marriage equality – which is ultimately going to favour only the middle class English-speaking gay men!

Do not go gentle into that good night

I poured another glass of whiskey for myself and sat on the chair to continue with my work. I had been busy the whole day shuffling between my activities. The weather was sultry and my skin was moist and salty.…

Lost travellers

We met in a chaotic junction. Two lost travellers, found each other to converse while we were waiting to decide our destination. Soon we started walking without being mindful of our destination. We concentrated on the path, enjoyed the scenery, the talks,…

Who is the one humiliated?

I am writing this post to publicly document my long-standing angst against Vikatan*. For all the progressive writings and the liberal face that Vikatan puts on; it is highly questionable if they are really progressive and liberal. Vikatan is also…


Kayal is a complete disrespect to all those who lost their lives and people who lost their loved ones in the 2004 Tsunami. The movie is neither a tribute to the victims nor is set in the backdrop of Tsunami. The movie is hastily made that it seems the Boxing day Tsunami happens on the 25th! (although the date is mentioned when the movie starts).

The climax has potential triggers and if you are someone who witnessed the tragedy I suggest you to stay away from the movie.