when my clothes bleed

i curse you; i curse you when i take those pills i curse you when i have to drag myself out of bed every morning i curse you for screwing me up i curse you for not knowing what you…

another day

i hope someday you get to read this i hope someday you come to know what you put me through i hope someday you will look into my eyes and tell you are sorry for screwing me up.

screw you

“i’ll screw you up” he said “probably that’s what i want” i replied

what would I give up to spend just one more minute with him?


Happy New Year

He stood at the entrance of his room in the hallway, leaning on the door. He looked beautiful. “What are you doing here?” I asked as I walked towards him. My voice echoed in the winter stillness. I enjoy Delhi’s…


I threw up in the toilet. My heart beat was rising every minute and my stomach was empty. “Not another attack”; I said to myself. I sat in-front of the toilet for the next five minutes. I felt like throwing up…


Till date, the Indian parliament has passed 15 Private Member’s Bill. The Transgender’s rights bill introduced by MP Trichy Shiva hasn’t made much improvement in the lives of transgender individuals.

On December 18th 2015, Congress MP Dr. Sashi Tharoor tried to introduce a Private Member’s bill to amend Section 377. There was a massive opposition for the bill and many rightfully thought that it was not worthy enough to even discuss about the issue.

Twenty four MPs voted ‘yes’ for the bill, 74 MPs voted ‘no’ and one abstained from voting. Given the current political scenario, one must not be shocked to hear that the bill was not passed.

News is that none of the queer activists in the country have been consulted before drafting the bill. The bill itself was sloppy and had multiple issues. That is a different story. So what we can do now is to engage with Dr. Sashi Tharoor and maybe help him draft a better bill. Also, it is important to identify the other MPs who voted yes and engage with them. These tactical political moves would help us to take the queer movement in India to next level.

Dalit Queer Pride at Delhi Queer Pride 2015

On 29th November 2015 Delhi marked its 8th anniversary of the Delhi Queer Pride. Queer individuals, allies, friends and families took to the streets of the city to celebrate the diversity of gender and sexuality. This years pride made a…

Queer and casteist – a follow-up

To take forward the discussion on Queer and Casteist panel discussion that was organised by Queer individuals as part of Chennai Pride month on 27th June 2015, I followed-up with one of our panelists – Christina Thomas Dhanaraj. These questions are based…